Tennessee car accident results in 2 deaths

The pastor of a local church and his wife were highly regarded by many. Regrettably, their lives were lost in a fatal car crash in Tennessee. The accident occurred on a recent Sunday afternoon.

The pastor, 71, and his wife, 68, were driving on Highway 78 near Beaver Arm Road. Their son-in-law, 43, and daughter, 41, were also in the vehicle. The son-in-law was the driver of their 2008 Chevy Equinox, and the others were passengers.

They were traveling southbound on Highway 78. At the same time, a Dyersburg resident, 48, was headed northbound on Highway 78 in a 1988 GMC pickup. Both approached Beaver Arm Road from opposite directions.

Another vehicle tried to make a right turn onto Beaver Arm Road. The driver of the GMC pickup tried to pass it. When he did, he crossed the centerline and smashed into the Chevy Equinox.

This head-on collision resulted in the deaths of the pastor and his wife. According to a report written by an officer of the Tennessee Highway Patrol, they weren’t wearing seat belts at the time. The driver of their vehicle was, as was the driver of the other vehicle.

The pastor and his wife had been residents of Union City. They led the congregation at a rural Lake County church. Funeral arrangements for them were made through a local funeral home.

Cases like this are investigated to determine the culpability of those involved. Anyone in a comparable accident in Tennessee may want to explore his or her legal options. An experienced personal injury attorney can provide guidance to car accident victims.

Source: State Gazette, “Head-on collision results in two fatalities” Oct. 29, 2014