Tennessee car accident sends 11 people to hospital

When a crash happens on the roads of Tennessee, the first thing people want to know is whether anyone was hurt. In general, people tend to be particularly concerned when they hear that children have been injured. Unfortunately, that is what happened in a recent car accidents case in the Whitehaven area.

The crash involved at least two vehicles. It occurred on Feb. 18, at Shelby Road and Berta Drive. First responders reportedly labeled the scene chaotic, with observers saying that there were bodies strewn across the front yard of a nearby Whitehaven home.

Twelve people had been riding in an SUV. That vehicle and a truck sideswiped each other while on the road, according to local police officers. The SUV then rolled over several times.

As a result, neighbors say, children’s bodies flew out of the SUV. Some even hit the walls of the house as the SUV flipped over. Authorities say that car seats were found in the area, but they were unsure if those had been used at the time.

In total, 11 people were taken to the hospital after the crash. Three were adults and the rest were the eight children. The kids, ranging from 8 months old to 11 years old, were tended to by medical professionals at the Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. The man who drove the pickup truck involved in the crash did not sustain any injuries.

In this case, investigators are still exploring the details of the crash to determine what fault there may be. Of course, cases like this one often involve both personal injury considerations and potential legal liability. For those reasons, anyone involved in Tennessee car accidents may want to speak with a qualified attorney who can advise them about their options.

Source: WMCtv.com, “Eight children sent to hospital after ‘chaotic’ rollover crash” No author given, Feb. 18, 2014