Tennessee grandma injured in car accident while standing in line

When you are doing common tasks, such as paying for your gas at a gas station, you probably don’t think much about your safety. Sadly, there are some instances in which accidents can occur even when you are doing the most mundane of tasks. For one 64-year-old Tennessee grandmother, standing in line to pay for gas ended in tragedy.

The woman was struck by a Dodge Caliber driven by an 82-year-old man. The man says that his gas pedal got caught, and he was unable to stop the vehicle from crashing into the gas station. His car drove straight through the front doors of the Checkered Flag Market in Madisonville a little before 8:00 Tuesday morning.

The 64-year-old woman, who was bleeding from her nose and mouth after the accident, says she woke up under the car after the accident. She recalls that “glass was all in” her and that she was unable to move her legs. She was flown to the University of Tennessee Medical Center for treatment of her injuries.

The grandmother who was struck is happy to be alive, but she did suffer from injuries. She says her whole body is sore. She also had to have almost a dozen stitches.

Charges haven’t been filed in this car accident. There weren’t any drugs or alcohol at the scene, and the driver appeared normal. Authorities are waiting for drug and alcohol test results.

Accidents such as this one are rather rare, but that doesn’t decrease the severity. Those who are injured in car accidents have a right to seek compensation for their economic and non-economic losses. The advice of a Tennessee personal injury attorney can be helpful, as navigating the civil court arena can be complicated.

Source: WATE.com, “Madisonville grandma hit by car while inside gas station” Kayla Strayer, Mar. 25, 2014