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Tennessee Highway Patrol investigates car crash

Typically, people who are in a car accident rely on the police and other first responders to help them. Unfortunately, there are occasions when individual police officers are a part of the accident to begin with. When that happens, other law enforcement organizations may need to get involved to ensure a fair and impartial investigation of the matter. This is happening in a Bartlett, Tennessee, car crash that involved a Bartlett Police officer.

The crash killed a man, 63, and a woman, 49. It is being looked into by the Tennessee Highway Patrol’s Critical Incident Response Team. One of the things they’re looking into is if the officer’s lights were on at the time. There are conflicting reports about whether they were or not when the office went through the Stage Road and Bartlett Boulevard intersection. Additionally, witnesses have said that the officer was speeding.

The Bartlett Police didn’t have time to talk when contacted on a recent Tuesday but did confirm the Tennessee Highway Patrol’s involvement in the investigation. They have also acknowledged that the officer was not responding to a call at the time.

The officer has been a part of the Bartlett Police Department since 2008. He works in the Patrol/Traffic Division. His status with the BPD is unknown.

Results of the investigation are being given to the Shelby County district attorney. The DA will decide if any charges will be filed against the officer. Investigators were hoping that they would be able to view video of the accident taken by the security camera at a local Applebee’s restaurant. The restaurant manager said that the camera wasn’t recording though.

The relatives of victims of other fatal crashes in Tennessee will want to look into their legal options. A qualified attorney can help them.

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