Tennessee law enforcement hoping to prevent boating accidents

The weather is getting much warmer outside and that change signals that boating season has arrived in Tennessee. As the temperature rises, so will the number of people flocking to area lakes and rivers looking to enjoy some time outside on the water. That is why the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is currently taking steps to prepare for the large influx of boating enthusiasts by conducting training on alcohol awareness and detection.

On April 30 the TWRA held their annual boating under the influence training in Morristown, Tennessee, to keep the officers’ skills sharp regarding how to spot people engaging in BUI. According a TWRA spokesperson, people who would otherwise avoid drinking and driving a car sometimes don’t share that same attitude when it comes to operating a boat and drinking. It is estimated that one third of all boat accidents throughout the country are as a result of BUI.

One of the events featured in the training course was the “wet lab” where volunteers were given alcoholic beverages and brought right up to the state’s permissible blood alcohol level of .08. Officers were then challenged to determine whether or not a participant was too inebriated to operate a watercraft. There was later additional training in Knox and Loudon Counties.

Every Tennessee resident has a right to get out on the water and be safe while enjoying our lakes and rivers in their watercraft. If you get into an accident caused by someone operating a boat or a jet ski while under the influence you could be entitled to receive compensation for injuries you suffer as well as the damages sustained by your boat. If such an event happens, don’t delay in consulting your options with a legal professional.

Source: WATE ABC-6, “TWRA prepares to crack down on BUI offenders on area waterways” Hayley Harmon, Apr. 30, 2014