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Tennessee motorists: Beware of dangerous drivers this week

If you are like millions of other people across the U.S., you have plans to travel somewhere for Thanksgiving. And whether you are staying in Tennessee or traveling elsewhere, chances are high that you plan to drive. Thanks in large part to low gas prices, there will be even more people on the road this year as compared to last year.

According to reports by AAA, an estimated 42 million people will be taking a holiday road trip. What this means is that you will be sharing the road with millions of other people as you head to or from you destination this Thanksgiving. With this in mind, it can be crucial to remember some basic safe driving behaviors to get you to your destination safely.

Safe driving habits boil down to things you should do and things you shouldn’t do. For instance, good drivers:

  • Do obey the speed limit
  • Do wear seat belts
  • Do keep an eye out for motorcyclists
  • Do use lights and turn signals as necessary

Safe drivers also avoid dangerous behaviors. They:

  • Do not drink before driving
  • Do not use a cellphone behind the wheel
  • Do not drive when drowsy
  • Do not drive aggressively

Unfortunately, many people will not follow these tips and rules and they’ll be putting themselves and other motorists in danger. Whether it’s because they are rushed, stressed, excited, distracted or impaired, people ignore or forget about safe driving rules, especially during the holiday season when there is so much going on.

Should you find yourself injured in an accident caused by a negligent or reckless driving this holiday, it can be crucial that you act fast and discuss your legal options with an attorney to minimize the financial fallout of an accident.