Recreational Vehicle Accidents

Tennessee police officer in fatal accident

Tennessee citizens are used to being protected and served by the hardworking police officers who do their best to keep the streets safe every day. This makes it particularly shocking when one of those police officers is killed in the line of duty. Regrettably, this happened recently in a recreational vehicle accident that took the life of a well-liked officer.

The officer, 25, is being mourned by his colleagues. He was new to the force, having graduated last September from the Metro Police Academy. He had also served with the Tennessee Army National Guard.

The officer had been assisting at the scene of a previous crash. In that crash, a trailer had flipped over, blocking the northbound on ramp. The officer and a Tennessee Department of Transportation vehicle then blocked the two right lanes. This compelled oncoming traffic to merge left.

However, a 71-year-old driver of a motorhome was unable to change lanes in time. According to his statement, the traffic in the left lanes was moving too fast. As a result, his motorhome went into the area where the officer was standing, and the officer was pinned under the trailer that was being towed by the motorhome.

He died at the scene. The police chief says that the officer’s family is devastated, and that the incident serves as a tragic reminder of dangers faced by officers. He hopes that the public will take note and slow down when approaching a scene where emergency vehicles are stationed.

Of course, all recreational vehicle accidents can end in tragedy Some, like this case, involve fatalities. The families of those who are killed in such accidents do have a right to seek compensation for their loss. It may not do anything to really relieve the grief the family is going through, but the financial burden associated with a loved one’s death may be eased.

Source:, “Metro Police Officer Killed While On Duty” John Dunn, May. 11, 2014