Car Accidents

Thanksgiving car accident involves police cars

In a shocking Thanksgiving Day car accident, an out-of-control car slammed full force into two parked police cars, as well as a red Mazda. One of the police cars was new. Officers said it only had 300 miles on it.

It all started when a policeman pulled an unrelated vehicle, a BMW, over to the side of the road for drunk driving. He was joined by three other emergency vehicles, which parked behind his patrol car with their lights on. They were trying to determine the BMW driver’s level of intoxication.

Just then, a speeding blue Audi drove right into one of the parked police cars, which was fortunately unoccupied at the time. It knocked the police car across the road into a red Mazda. When it finally stopped, it was wedged between an additional police car and a concrete barrier.

Police approached the Audi and saw the driver moving into the passenger seat. They expressed the view that he may have been trying to convince them that he had not been driving the vehicle, though it had no other occupants.

The driver of the Audi was arrested at the scene, and had only minor injuries. The first police car he struck is said to be a total loss with extensive damage.

Car accidents happen in every state, with a substantial number occurring in Tennessee each year. Each one has its own unique set of circumstances. Those circumstances can significantly affect how each car accident case is handled when it reaches a court of law. Personal injury attorneys can help those who have been injured or have lost a loved one seek compensation for many claims, including pain and suffering, lost wages, permanent or temporary disability, medical expenses and other damages.

Source:, “Suspected drunk driver causes 4-car crash” Paris Elliot, Nov. 28, 2013