Bus Accidents

The factors that play a role in your bus accident

When a Tennessee resident boards a public or charter bus, an expectation exists that the driver of that vehicle will use safe, responsible driving methods. That is not always the case, however, as many victims of injurious bus crashes know all too well. Bus accidents can be caused by a variety of factors — not the least of which are inadequately trained drivers. After your bus accident, you may feel isolated, confused and hurt. Trust a team of legal professionals to protect your interests in court, and let us do the heavy lifting!

Bus drivers should rightly be held to a higher standard of performance than the typical Tennessee motorist. These vehicle operators are responsible for passenger safety, but they should also be cognizant of other drivers and pedestrians who are using the roads. Victims of bus crashes may be passengers inside the bus — but they may also be innocent pedestrians or even occupants of other vehicles that are struck by the bus.

Victims who have suffered injury because of a bus accident should know that a variety of factors could be to blame for their woes. In some cases, the driver is not necessarily negligent, but the bus itself suffered some sort of mechanical malfunction. Bus passengers may be wounded by broken or unsecured seats. Driver variables include distraction or poor training — and startlingly, sometimes even intoxication.

The factors that caused your specific bus accident will play a role in the methods used to seek compensation for your personal injury. A team of legal professionals can help develop an appropriate strategy that will maximize your likelihood of receiving compensation for your medical costs and other civil complaints. Every bus accident victim needs legal representation to promote his or her rights in court.

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