The people you meet after a crash

The aftermath of any car accident can be completely chaotic. There is a lot going on, some of which you may not even notice right away. It may be days or weeks until you learn the true extent of the damage and your injuries, and answers about whom or what is to blame can take that long to figure out as well.

During all that time, you will likely find yourself speaking with or being asked to speak with many different people. It can be overwhelming so it can be a good idea to be prepared.

After a crash, you may be asked to speak with:

  • Doctors: Assessing and treating your injuries right away will be crucial, so your doctor or the emergency responders may be some of the first people you talk to about the crash.
  • Insurance company agents: Your insurance company and the other motorists’ insurance company agents will be reaching out to people involved in the crash to get statements. Talking to them can be intimidating, confusing and stressful as they try to figure out how and if they will cover a claim.
  • Other motorists: On the scene, you will likely talk to the other motorists to exchange information, unless one or both of you are seriously injured. It is important to stick with the facts and not allow yourself to get talked out of filing a claim by the other driver.
  • Police officers: In serious accidents, police reports will need to be filed. These reports can be critical pieces of an injury claim later down the line, so it is important that they be thorough and accurate.

It can be overwhelming to talk to these people by yourself and without understanding the legal context of your situation. This is why another person you will want to talk to after a crash is a personal injury attorney.

The attorneys at our firm know you can be in a vulnerable and stressful situation when it comes to these interactions and we can help you navigate them and protect yourself at the same time. If you have recently been hurt in a car crash, we encourage you to visit our website to learn more about our firm, what we do and who we help.