Truck Accidents

The tragic, catastrophic consequences of a truck accident

It can be extremely difficult to truly understand and anticipate how devastating a motor vehicle accident can be unless you or a loved one has been actually been in that situation. Because of this detachment, people can get lazy or careless while they are driving because they don’t have the acute appreciation for the extent of damage that can be done in a crash.

Every now and then, it can be important to have a reminder of how critical safe driving habits can be. One such accident made national headlines in the last year not only because a celebrity was involved but also because of how tragic the situation was. The truck crash that involved comedian Tracy Morgan serves as a grim but important reminder of what can happen when drivers are negligent.

Readers may remember that the limousine carrying Morgan and several others was struck by a speeding truck almost exactly one year ago. The trucker was found to have been driving even though he had been awake for more than 24 hours. The truck crashed into Morgan’s limousine leaving him seriously injured and in coma. The crash also killed one of Morgan’s close friends.

Recently, Morgan gave an emotional interview and the extent of his injuries was clear to audiences. He currently needs a cane to walk and says he continues to suffer from memory loss, headaches and other painful conditions. The extent of the emotional pain he has continues to deal with was devastatingly clear during the interview as well.

The fact that Morgan is a public figure has made it possible for millions of people to see and have a better understanding of just how catastrophic the damage caused by a truck accident can be for victims and the people who lose a loved one. While it was undoubtedly a horrible and upsetting accident, hopefully it will serve as a powerful reminder of what can happen when people make unsafe decisions behind the wheel.

Source: TODAY, “Tracy Morgan emotional in first interview since crash: ‘Pain will always be there‘,” Eun Kyung Kim, June 1, 2015