Tractor trailer accident kills two people in Tennessee

Tractor trailer truck accidents can be very dangerous in Tennessee, and crashes involving tractor trailers often result in serious injuries and fatalities. A recent accident involving a tractor trailer and sedan is an example of how dangerous tractor trailer accidents can be.

A car and a tractor trailer were in a fatal collision near Fayetteville. The Tennessee Highway Patrol investigated the accident and reported that the car drove in front of the tractor trailer just before the collision. 

The highway patrol said the accident happened near a produce stand on the highway, and skid marks show that the vehicles veered from the right lane to the turn lane and then off the side of the road. 

The cab of the tractor trailer was dented from the collision on the bumper of the passenger side of the cab, and the sedan was caved in on the driver’s side. The two passengers in the sedan were killed in the accident, and the highway patrol is still investigating the accident to determine if the truck driver will face any charges. 

This accident is an example of how dangerous tractor trailer accidents can be. The highway patrol did not report on what exactly caused the accident but commercial truck drivers are supposed to have proper driving certificates and training to make sure they can safely operate their trucks. 

Victims of tractor trailer accidents should know that commercial truck drivers and commercial truck companies can be held liable for truck accidents. These cases can be complicated so victims of trucking accidents should contact a personal injury attorney to discuss their specific cases. 

Source: AL, “Collision between tractor trailer truck and car leaves two dead near Fayetteville,” Kay Campbell, Aug. 27, 2013