What are some common causes of bus accidents?

Taking the bus is something that people all across Tennessee do every day. Children ride a bus to school, families take trips across the state on chartered buses and adults commute to and from work on city buses. Taking a bus can be easier, cheaper and more convenient.

However, bus transportation is not without risks. Accidents involving buses can and do happen much too often across the U.S. and the aftermath of these accidents can be absolutely catastrophic. There are a few common reasons that buses crash, and in this post we will explore what these reasons are.

  • Uncertified or untrained drivers: Bus operators have the responsibility to transport many people. Because of this, they are expected to have the appropriate training and license permissions to show that they are capable of taking on this responsibility. Many bus crashes happen because of an operator error that could have been prevented with proper training.
  • Failure to exercise care: Buses are considered common carriers which comes with the requirement that they be operated as safely and diligently as possible. Drivers who drive recklessly, bus owners who fail to maintain safe vehicles and companies who don’t comply with state and federal laws could all be accused of negligence should their failure to exercise care lead to injury.
  • Unsafe drivers: Other motorists should have a clear understanding of how to share the road responsibly with buses. This means stopping for school buses when the lights are flashing, yielding to buses pulling away from a curb and giving these huge vehicles enough space on the road. Those who do not do these things can cause a serious accident.

These are just a few examples of the types of behaviors and offenses that can lead to a catastrophic bus accident. In order to determine if these or other similar factors contributed to a crash in which you or a loved one was seriously injured, it can be crucial to discuss the case with an attorney. Taking legal action and pursuing compensation can be essential to a victim’s future and peace of mind.