Who is liable for your tour bus injury in Tennessee?

Did you decide to take a tour bus in Tennessee to save money or simply to save on the hassle of driving yourself, but were injured when that bus was involved in an accident? If so, it is crucial that you know who was responsible and who is liable for those injuries, as this can help you get the compensation that you deserve.

The first thing to know is that a tour bus is technically, in the eyes of the government, a common carrier. This is the same term that is used for many vehicles that are used primarily for transportation, such as school buses or jetliners.

What this designation means is that common carriers are expected to provide service at a reasonable level. If you’ve ever looked into medical malpractice cases, you’ll see that similar terminology is used. In the same way that a doctor is expected to provide service with a reasonable level of safety and responsibility when operating on you, a tour bus company is held to this high standard when transporting paying customers.

Because of this, tour bus drivers and the companies that employ them can be held responsible in these accidents if they caused them through things like reckless driving, dangerous or law-breaking maneuvers, or basic negligence through irresponsible actions – like a driver who continues driving when he or she has been working too long and is suffering from fatigue.

The biggest complications from these cases often come up because multiple parties are all being held responsible. A driver could be responsible for unsafe driving, for instance, and the driver’s employer could be responsible for promoting those practices by not doing proper upkeep on the vehicles.

A Tennessee personal injury attorney can advise you on the specifics of your case and answer any questions.

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