Why do truckers drive while fatigued?

Most drivers know that driving while they are fatigued for any reason isn’t a good idea. When the driver who is fatigued is a trucker, the implications of fatigued driving might be considerable because of the size and weight of the large trucks they are operating. That might make some people wonder why a trucker would drive when they are fatigued. There are several reasons this might occur.

How do deadlines lead to fatigued driving?

When a trucker picks up a load, there is usually a delivery time that was given to the final destination. In an effort to ensure they will make the delivery on time, truckers might be willing to drive no matter how they feel. In some cases, this is because their employment and their company’s reputation are on the line. Still, motor carriers should realize that having truckers drive while fatigued can affect them, as well as innocent people in a negative manner.

What are some other reasons a driver would drive fatigued?

Truckers might drive while they are fatigued for a variety of reasons. In some cases, the trucker might have a medical condition that is associated with fatigue. This could be the case for overweight truckers or those who have been diagnosed with diabetes. Sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, could also make a trucker more prone to fatigue.

Semitruck accidents that are caused by fatigue are preventable. For the people who are injured in them, this fact probably angers them. Instead of using that anger in an unproductive manner, you can use that anger to fuel a journey toward attempting to hold the trucker and motor carrier accountable through a claim for compensation.

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