Woman arrested for hit and run

Many people don’t understand the responsibility associated with operating a motor vehicle. For this reason, they make key mistakes while they are behind the wheel. Unfortunately, this often means that an innocent person is killed or injured.

Recently, a 25-year-old woman was arrested for her part in a fatal hit and run accident. On July 10, the woman was involved in an accident that killed a 29-year-old female. The Smyrna Police Department added the following: “She turned herself in just a few hours after we issued the press release.”

Despite the fact that the woman eventually turned herself in, she initially left the scene. This led to a charge of leaving the scene of an accident with injury. According to the police department, additional charges are pending.

On the day of the accident, police were called to the scene. It was here that the 29-year-old woman was struck by the vehicle while riding her scooter. Despite the fact that the woman was obviously injured, as she was lying on the street, the driver of the passenger vehicle continued on her way. Furthermore, she dragged the scooter for roughly one quarter of a mile. It was then that she stopped, removed the wreckage and continued on.

The roadways are extremely dangerous, but that doesn’t mean that drivers are able to do whatever they want. When a person is involved in an accident, he or she is expected to stop, assess the situation and make an effort to do what is right. When this doesn’t happen, there is often a greater chance of serious injury or death. From there, the victim is faced with many challenges as well as the potential to file a lawsuit. An attorney can provide car accident victims with more information about their legal options.

Source: Daily News Journal, “Hit and run suspect arrested,” Mary M. Reeves, July 22, 2016