Have You Taken Anti-depressants While Pregnant And Your Child Suffered Birth Defects?

If you have taken anti-depressants and given birth to a child with birth defects, you may have a case against the manufacturer of those drugs.

Have You Taken Any Of The Following Drugs And Suffered Terrible Side-effects?

Lipitor – Xarelto – Risperdal – Accutane – Actos – Testosterone – Diet Drugs – Victoza – Lexapro – Mirena – Viagra – Plavix – Vioxx – Zoloft – AndroGel – Celexa – Effexor – Pradaxa – Paxil – Prozac – Taxotere

If any of these dangerous and harmful situations have occurred to you or your loved ones, call OEB Law, PLLC today for help. We will start working on your case immediately!