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OEB Law, PLLC is known as Knoxville’s premier personal injury firm, but we are so much more than that. We are passionate about serving the communities where we live, play and work.  We are proud of our community.  We don’t write one big check to one organization. Instead, we back many programs and causes that are most important to East Tennessee.

We want to help the youth, students, and patrons of East Tennessee.  Please fill out the form below to see how we can sponsor you.

We are here to help, and sometimes that looks like more than just legal help.  Sometimes you need help to reach a goal.  At OEB Law, PLLC, we want to help you reach those goals. We want you to make your events and activities more fun and exciting for all your friends and attendants.

We believe in helping the community, youth, students, athletes, and organizations.


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