Uncontested Divorce


Divorce doesn’t have to be a long, grueling, costly and conflict-ridden experience.  If you and your spouse are willing to work together and have discussed your divorce, you may qualify for a low cost divorce.


The attorneys at OEB Law, PLLC are prepared to help you navigate your uncontested (or agreed upon) divorce. We have carefully created a FAQ page for your most asked questions and will be happy to help you with your divorce.  An Uncontested Divorce (no fault divorce) is a divorce wherein both spouses agree on ALL terms of the divorce.


For these cases, the attorneys and staff of OEB Law, PLLC offer a client consultation so that you can discuss your proposed terms of divorce. After the consultation, your attorney will prepare and file your paperwork, and your attorney will appear with you at the final hearing.



How to Qualify for a Low Cost Divorce

1. Agree on everything (agreed divorce) or almost everything (lightly contested), including:

  • Property Division (how to split your assets and debts)
  • Parenting Plan (if applicable; who and when each party gets the kids and child support)
  • Alimony (ongoing support after the divorce is over)

2. Work together to find an agreement.

  • You will need to be on good terms and have good communication skills with each other. Please keep in mind, conflict impedes your ability to come to an agreement.

3. Have separate lawyers.

  • OEB Law, PLLC would represent one of the parties. We cannot represent both parties since we would not be able to advocate for both, and give legal advice.

4. Be willing to sign the final paperwork.

  • Parties may meet and sign the paperwork together or, in the alternative, come into the office to meet separately with us.

Getting Started

To reduce the uncertainty of your financial obligation, the attorneys at OEB Law, PLLC charge a flat fee for uncontested divorces, starting at $500. Most uncontested divorces require filing additional documents, such as parenting plans or qualified domestic relations orders. If this happens in your case, a separate flat fee will be needed. You will always know the amount of your bill for an uncontested divorce at OEB Law, PLLC, which reduces the stress and financial strain.

Once you and your partner have decided that an uncontested divorce is the best course, and have agreed on the essential parameters, you will need to fill out the court-mandated paperwork and gather all necessary documentation that will need to accompany that paperwork. Among other documents, you’ll typically need to file an official request for divorce, known as a Marital Dissolution Agreement. There are also other forms, such as a parental plan, plus personal information that may be needed.

A divorce lawyer can make the process go easier and faster by properly completing all necessary paperwork and filing the case in the appropriate courthouse. Mistakes in filing or procedure can delay the entire process.

Parenting Classes

Parenting Classes

Required by Tennessee State

If you have minor children, both parents MUST attend parenting classes.  To determine if a class qualifies as an acceptable Parenting Class, please contact Knox County Fourth Circuit Court.  If you file in Fourth Circuit Court then you are are required to complete a 12 hour course with one of their approved providers.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance

If you or your spouse have health insurance, you or your spouse may be entitled to COBRA coverage. You have 60 days from the date that your divorce is granted to notify the health insurance carrier to obtain COBRA coverage or the entitlement will be lost. COBRA coverage usually requires that the person covered pay the monthly premium cost.

Property Division

Property Division

If you are getting divorced in Tennessee, you’ll need to know what property belongs to your marriage and will be divided between you and your spouse.  If you agree, you and your spouse can distribute and divide as you see fit. If not, the Judge will decide for you. Learn More



Frequently Asked Questions

If you have further questions, visit our FAQ page here, or contact us now for your free consultation.

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