Wrong Way Accident Lawyer in Knoxville, TN

Knoxville wrong way crashes are relatively rare, but the injuries they cause are frequently severe. Only about three percent of crashes occur because one driver travels the wrong way on a divided highway, according to the National Transportation Safety Board. Over the last few years, however, a handful of these accidents made the news in Knoxville and the surrounding area. The victims suffered severe injuries and several passed away from accident-related injuries.  

If you suffer injuries in a wrong way accident, you may face steep medical bills and ongoing healthcare costs. At the Law Offices of Ogle, Elrod & Baril, PLLC, you can speak with a Knoxville, TN wrong way accident lawyer who can help you file an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit to collect the compensation you deserve. Call us today at 865-546-1111 to schedule a free, no-obligation case evaluation to begin exploring your options for financial recovery.

What causes Knoxville wrong way auto accidents?

Wrong way crashes occur when a car drives the wrong way in a lane, against the flow of traffic. Often, this requires a driver who enters a highway or interstate entrance or exit ramp the wrong way. These tend to end the worst: two cars colliding head-on at high speeds. Going the wrong way on a one-way surface street can also lead to a serious car accident.

In addition to simply entering the interstate on an exit ramp, these accidents can occur when drivers cross the median by using an emergency turnaround or cutting across the grass. Intoxicated drivers are at a much higher risk of causing this type of crash. Senior citizens are also at an increased risk. Roadways with a high number of exits, like I-40, may also play a role in the frequency of wrong way crashes.

Why are wrong way crashes so dangerous to Knoxville drivers and their passengers?

Most wrong way crashes are head-on collisions. Head-on collisions amplify the forces in the crash, since both cars are moving toward one another. Since divided highways and interstates are a common place for serious wrong way crashes, many also occur at high speed. These speeds increase the forces involved even further. Air bags, seat belts, and other safety devices help protect the drivers and passengers in each vehicle, but many still suffer severe, permanent injuries.

Head, neck, and spinal injuries are common in head-on wrong way collisions. So are broken bones and disfiguring injuries. These are among the most devastating injuries for car accident victims and their families to deal with. Some need months or years of rehabilitation or ongoing nursing care. Others fight for their lives for weeks before passing away. If any of these scenarios sound like what happened to you or your loved one after a Knoxville wrong way crash, we can help you recover compensation to pay for all of your accident-related medical costs and other losses.

How is liability determined in a wrong way crash?

Negligence is usually easy to prove in a wrong way crash. Even though investigators cannot establish when the at-fault driver began driving the wrong way in some cases, it is usually irrelevant in proving liability in this type of crash. Negligence hinges on five factors. To show the other driver is responsible for your injuries, we need to collect evidence to prove:

  • The driver had a duty to uphold traffic laws and not make careless mistakes that put your safety at risk;
  • The driver failed to uphold this duty by driving against the flow of traffic;
  • This caused your crash;
  • The driver should have been able to foresee the consequences of his actions; and
  • You suffered actual physical, psychological, and/or financial injuries.

In most cases, the police will file an accident report that clearly states the other driver was traveling the wrong way at the time of the crash. Eyewitness reports should also confirm this. Contrast this with a case of a head-on collision caused by a vehicle crossing the center lane on a two-lane highway, which may require extensive accident reconstruction and expert testimony to determine where each car was at the time of the collision and prove who caused the crash.

What types of damages can I collect in a wrong way car accident?

We aim to settle wrong way accidents without going to court. We collect the evidence to prove fault and file a third-party liability insurance claim on your behalf with the wrong way driver’s insurance provider. In this claim, we outline all damages you suffered due to the crash, and request compensation based on your current and estimated future losses. We can use bills and other documentation to prove the value of:

  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Therapy expenses
  • Repair or replacement of your vehicle
  • Lost wages
  • Other accident-related expenses

If you require ongoing care, we can discuss your prognosis and likely future care needs with your doctor. We also call in expert witnesses to estimate the cost of your treatment, and calculate other damages, such as the effect the accident had on your future earning capacity.

Then, we analyze your situation and apply formulas to your economic losses to determine how much to request for pain and suffering and other noneconomic damages.

With such extensive case building, we are often able to present a claim to the insurance company that fully covers your damages. But if the insurer fails to agree to a fair settlement, we are prepared to take your case to court to pursue the compensation you deserve.

Why do I need a Knoxville, TN wrong way accident lawyer?

When you suffer devastating injuries in a crash, the last thing you want to think about is your family finances. But the costs of treating your injuries, rehabilitation and therapy, and ongoing care add up quickly. This is especially true when you cannot return to work and a family member misses work to provide your care.

We understand how a wrong way crash can impact your entire family, both psychologically and financially. Let us take care of your legal needs and go after the compensation you deserve while you focus on your recovery.

How can I contact the Law Offices of Ogle, Elrod & Baril, PLLC?

The Knoxville wrong way accident lawyers at the Law Offices of Ogle, Elrod & Baril, PLLC can help you recover the compensation you deserve after suffering accident injuries. Call us today at 865-546-1111 to set up an appointment with one of our wrong way collision attorneys in Knoxville.