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Logging trucks are a staple on many highways throughout Tennessee. Unfortunately, these vehicles can ultimately cause serious motor vehicle accidents and significant injuries. Contact our firm if you or a loved one was involved in a logging truck accident.

At the Law Offices of Ogle, Elrod and Baril, PLLC, our Tennessee logging truck accident lawyers have experience guiding clients through these challenging times. Clients rely on us to provide individual attention and prompt communication throughout the legal process. It is our goal to remove any stress and worry you might be feeling. Let us worry about your lawsuit while you focus your attention on getting healthy.

Knoxville Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorney

Logging trucks suffer from all of the driving challenges of an 18-wheeler with the added hazard of debris falling off the vehicle. These trucks can be hard to control and difficult to avoid, especially in dangerous road conditions. If the driver is inattentive or lacks the proper training, devastating accidents can occur. Upon accepting your case, we will immediately investigate the driver’s history, the maintenance records of the vehicle and the log book to gain a clear understanding of what happened. It is not uncommon for a trucking company to have their lawyers and insurance carrier on the site of an accident mere minutes after the collision. You deserve the same attention and strong representation. Contact our firm immediately.

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