After a car accident, some drivers fear their insurance company won’t be so good to them. Here are some tips to make this process easy.

Tips for Talking to Your Insurance Company After a Car Accident

How do you avoid complications? Lying to your insurer is a bad idea–and illegal–so be aware, your words have consequences.  Here are some guidelines for communicating with your insurance company:

Stick to the facts

It’s human nature to want to explain what happened, detail by detail, but what should you really say? 

Answer questions honestly, but be careful of volunteering unsolicited details. Your insurer shouldn’t deny your claim because of misrepresentations, but it may raise your rates. 

Avoid Assuming Blame

A common post accident mistake is admitting fault.  Even if you think you are clearly to blame, there may be other factors at play. Assigning fault is not always cut and dried. Remember your interpretation is only that….your interpretation.

Typically accidents are caused by both parties, with insurance companies assigning comparative fault to the at fault party(ies). Investigations may reveal there is something the other driver could of done to avoid the accident. 

Taking the blame is not always the right move, and could result in a rate hike or lower settlement than you deserve. It’s best to leave this to the authorities, let the investigation work itself out. Working with your insurer doesn’t mean forfeiting your rights, you are a customer, not a friend.  Fight for the protection you pay for.

Get Your Fair Compensation, OEB Law, PLLC Can Help Get You What You Deserve

For injury claims, start by visiting your doctor or emergency room.  Any claims not documented by your doctor will NOT be considered in your claim. Make sure you follow up as recommended, and follow all treatment plans.  Even if you are feeling better, there may be underlying issues, let your doctor release you.

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