The sad truth is that many truck accidents result in serious injuries. Immediately after an accident, you or others in your vehicle may be unable to take the action needed to protect evidence. This is why it is so important for everyone traveling on the road to know how to step up and take action.

Call for help first

Nothing is more important than getting immediate attention for all injured parties. A single call to 911 gets police, paramedics, and other emergency assistance quickly on the scene.

Any information and evidence is helpful to Knoxville tractor-trailer accident attorneys

The moments immediately following truck accidents provide a unique opportunity to collect direct evidence that may no longer be available by the time our tractor-trailer accident lawyers in Knoxville are involved. Keep conversation to the business at hand-do not discuss what happened, and never admit any degree of fault, but try to obtain the following information and evidence:

  • License and insurance information for all drivers involved
  • Contact information for everyone at the scene, including drivers and witnesses
  • Information about the trucking company, including name and phone number
  • Photos of all damaged vehicles, the accident scene (including skid marks and positions of all vehicles), and all injuries

As soon as possible, take the time to write detailed notes about your 18-wheeler accident in Knoxville. Jot down what happened immediately before and during the accident. And be sure to write down everything you heard others say-particularly the other drivers. A tired truck driver may mention how many hours he or she was on the road or other things that could be critical to proving your case.

Retain everything related to your 18-wheeler accident in Knoxville

Most individuals understand the importance of retaining all medical receipts and diagnostic reports, but they do not know the importance of other items, such as the following:

  • Clothing damaged or bloodied from the accident
  • Other items in your vehicle that were damaged
  • Receipts for prescription and non-prescription medication purchased for pain
  • Receipts for bandages, crutches, canes, or other medical devices

And do not get anything repaired until your attorney tells you to do so.

Call experienced Knoxville tractor-trailer accident lawyers as soon as possible

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