Our Knoxville Automobile Accident Attorneys Identify Everyone at Fault

Even when it appears that the negligence of a single driver caused a Knoxville automobile accident, the true causes may be more complicated. Since proving liability is essential to ensure victims receive full and fair compensation for their injuries and other losses, the Knoxville car accident lawyers at OEB Law, PLLC employ whatever investigative techniques are necessary to identify who is responsible for the injuries of their clients.

An automobile accident lawyer in Knoxville must unveil all liable parties

Under Tennessee comparative negligence law, injured parties who were 49 percent or less responsible for an accident can recover damages from other responsible parties, based on their degree of responsibility for the accident. Each automobile accident lawyer in Knoxville at OEB Law, PLLC has the experience needed to unveil all responsible parties-and their degree of negligence. Possible liable parties are as follows:

  • The driver of the other vehicle may be directly and fully at fault due to hazardous driving behavior, distracted driving, or for other reasons.
  • Auto repair facilities may be at fault if, for example, your brakes fail shortly after having them replaced or repaired.
  • Property owners may have negligently allowed foliage to obstruct the view of stop signs.
  • Municipalities may be liable if they fail to properly maintain roads-or even if certain roads are unduly hazardous due to poor design.

As early as your free initial consultation with a car accident lawyer from OEB Law, PLLC in Knoxville, you learn that the evidence you supply is an important starting point in determining liability. But we employ investigative resources and accident reconstruction specialists as needed to delve into the details of your Knoxville automobile accident and identify all parties who may be responsible for your injuries and damages.

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