How Does Speed Contribute to Car Accidents?

Driving faster than the posted speed limit may get motorists where they want to go more quickly, but it places them at risk of losing control of their vehicle—and even causing a rollover accident—that jeopardizes the lives of other motorists. Without a doubt, speed contributes to car accidents

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How Does Speeding Affect Traffic Collisions and Injury?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a vehicle’s speed increases the severity of a crash, which could lead to serious injuries. The NHTSA says speeding also contributes to car crashes because it:

  • Increases the stopping distance after a driver perceives an emergency situation ahead;
  • Reduces a drivers’ ability to steer around curves or objects;
  • Limits the effectiveness of airbags, safety belts, and other restraint devices; and
  • Places drivers at a greater potential for losing vehicle control.

The chances of death, disfigurement, or debilitating injury double for every 10 mph over 50 mph that a vehicle travels. Additionally, a passenger vehicle in a high-speed crash faces forces so severe that the vehicle’s structure cannot resist the force of the crash and maintain survival space for the vehicle’s occupants.


Is Speeding a Contributing Factor in Tennessee Car Accidents?

Yes, speeding remains a contributing factor to car accidents in Tennessee, just as it is nationwide. Although the number of speeding-related fatalities has been declining in Tennessee in recent years, speeding still causes numerous accidents.

According to data from the Tennessee Highway Safety Office, the total number of speeding-related fatalities decreased from 187 in 2015 to 173 in 2016.


How Do You Know If Speeding Is a Factor in an Accident?

Speeding was likely a contributing factor in a car accident if:

  • A driver faced official charges of a speeding-related offense; or
  • A police officer indicated that racing, driving too fast for conditions, or exceeding the posted speed limit were contributing factors.

Our attorneys can examine the details of your crash, including the police report, to determine if speed played a role in causing the accident.


Why Do Drivers Speed?

The NHTSA, which dedicates itself to studying traffic problems, can best answer that question. The agency considers speeding a type of aggressive driving, and drivers become aggressive for several reasons.



Nerve-wracking traffic congestion can cause aggressive driving behaviors, such as changing lanes frequently, getting angry at others drivers who “get in their way,” and speeding.


Running Late

Most drivers can relate to this contributing factor to speeding. Whether going to work, school, a doctor’s appointment, or somewhere else, drivers believe that speeding will get them to their destination on time.



Motorists sometimes feel insulated from their surroundings while behind the wheel. This can lead a driver to feel detached while in their vehicle, effectively becoming an observer of the surroundings instead of a participant. As a result, drivers may feel less of a need to constrain or control their behavior.


Disregard for Traffic Laws

In addition, some motorists who display aggressive driving behavior do not have high regard for others and for the law. These drivers are more inclined to display outrageous or rude behavior toward others.


What Can I Do If I Am in a Speeding Accident?

Call the Law Offices of Ogle, Elrod & Baril, PLLC, to schedule an appointment to discuss your accident. Our firm helps car accident victims obtain justice and fair compensation for their losses because of another driver’s negligence.

Our car accident lawyers conduct a thorough investigation of your accident and discuss the options you have available to recover compensation for your damages. The options include filing an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit, depending on the circumstances of your accident. We take care of the entire process, from filing to negotiating the claim. We do not hesitate to file a lawsuit to resolve a claim.


How Can I Get Help From a Car Accident Lawyer?

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