What to Expect From Your Car Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured in a car accident, you may be able to recover damages from those responsible for your pain and suffering. Hiring the right attorney is one of the best things you can do to help your case. The attorney you hire should have experience with all the facets of a personal injury case and be aware of all the complexities that may arise during the legal process.

The lawyers at OEB Law, PLLC have years of experience handling car accident claims and have helped countless accident victims recover compensation for their injuries. Here are four things to expect from your car accident lawyer as your case proceeds:

1) Familiarity with Litigation and Laws

Your attorney will be responsible for handling all aspects of your case. A successful attorney will be well-versed in subject areas relevant to the case. Car accident cases, in particular, require that attorneys be familiar with a variety of legal topics including:

  • Negligence
  • Fault and legal liability
  • Damages
  • Tennessee traffic laws
  • Insurance regulations
  • Civil procedure

Plaintiffs who hire an attorney familiar with these topics are more likely to have a successful lawsuit and receive larger settlements. Before officially hiring one of our attorneys, feel free to ask us about our experience and knowledge in these areas during the initial consultation.

2) Ability to Collect Evidence Effectively

The most important part of any car accident claim is proving the liability of the other driver. To do this, your attorney will have to prove that the other driver’s negligence behind the wheel caused your injuries.

Proving negligence is no easy task but our qualified attorneys are confident in their abilities to collect evidence effectively. We collect the following in each case we take on:

Evidence from the Scene

First, our attorneys will collect as much evidence as possible from the scene of the accident. This might include:

  • Pictures you have taken
  • Your account of the accident
  • Any eyewitness statements

We might also take photos of your vehicle, any of your injuries, and anything else that suffered damages.

Police Reports

We collect the police report in every case we handle. We do this for various reasons:

  • Not every police report is correct. By catching any inaccuracies quickly, we can work with officers to clear it up.
  • This report can help prove liability and can help expose inconsistencies in the other driver’s story.
  • The report may also state whether the other driver violated one or more traffic laws. These violations are evidence of negligence and can help your case immensely.

Medical Documentation and Expert Testimony

In addition to collecting evidence from the scene of the crash to prove negligence, your attorney will need to establish the severity and causation of your injuries. Our attorneys will acquire your medical records and provide a detailed account of your injuries, doctors’ visits, surgeries, and treatments. We will also contact medical experts whose testimony may help establish that the defendant’s negligence caused your injuries.

3) Understanding of Settlements and the Litigation Process

A reliable car accident attorney understands that every car accident case is different. Some cases will settle out of court while others will proceed to trial.

While most attorneys work toward a settlement as it is usually the quickest (and least expensive) option for everyone involved, a good attorney will prepare your case for court just in case.

Having your case ready for court will save time and money during the litigation process. Our attorneys are trained to handle settlement negotiations as well as litigation.

If your case does go to trial, it is our responsibility to file your case within the state’s statute of limitations (one year). However, we know that filing the claim sooner rather than later will help ensure the preservation of evidence and the availability of witnesses and experts, so we will do what we can to file earlier.

The litigation process will also require both sides to collect and exchange information during discovery. We are comfortable taking interrogatories and depositions and will use the information learned to help your case. We will also effectively present our evidence in court and question witnesses and experts on the stand. The presentation of your case will play a major role in whether the court will award you damages for your injuries.

4) Reasonably Value Your Claim

Before negotiating a settlement or going to trial, our attorneys will value your claim. We will do this by looking at the damages you incurred and determining a reasonable amount of compensation to ask for. This amount will be based on a number of factors such as:

  • Total medical expenses (past and future)
  • Lost wages and future lost income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma

While economic damages (e.g., medical costs) can be easy to calculate, noneconomic damages (e.g., pain and suffering) are not as easy to figure out.

Generally, your general economic damages will be multiplied by a certain number between one and five to determine the non-economic damages. This multiplier will depend on the severity of your injuries, the likelihood of a full recovery, the impact of the accident on your everyday life and other factors. Your attorney will know how to value your damages based on the injuries you suffered.

At OEB Law, PLLC, we are determined to help car accident victims and their families in any way we can. With so much on your plate, you need an attorney you can trust to handle the ins and outs of your personal injury claim. Our attorneys are trustworthy, dedicated and ready to assist you. Call 865-546-1111 today to discuss the details of your case.